Trader Joe’s Has Bottled Bellinis That Are Perfect For Summer Parties

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Bellinis are such a classic summer drink. Made with sparkling wine and peach puree, the cocktail was first invented in 1948 in Venice, Italy, at the famous Harry’s Bar.

In the years following, Bellinis have become a beloved way to toast the sweetness of summer. But, if you don’t have time to wash, peel and puree peaches for this recipe, no worries: Trader Joe’s is now selling pre-made Bellinis that will take all the effort out of this classic recipe.

Trader Joe’s Secco Bellinis are made with Prosecco and come in flavors like the classic peach, as well as variations such as mango, strawberry-raspberry and grapefruit. Best of all, these bottles of bubbly are only $5.99, so you can grab a few for your summer parties without breaking the bank.

With a low alcohol content (8% ABV), this would be the perfect drink for toasting the sunrise on a lazy summer morning. Trader Joe’s suggests serving these Secco Bellinis, which are made by a family-owned Germany winery, with their Grand Blue bleu cheese. You could try the combo with their new fig and olive crisps, made with California Black Mission figs and Kalamata olives. These Mediterranean-inspired crisps would pair perfectly with the Venetian roots of the Bellini.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Secco Bellinis would also pair wonderfully with a light pasta salad (made with their new Green Goddess Pasta Salad, of course) for a summertime lunch by the pool.

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Don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby? There are plenty of shortcut recipes for making Bellinis at home. You can substitute canned peaches for fresh in a pinch, such as with this recipe from Aldi’s. Just make sure you blast the peaches in your blender or food processor until the fruit is very smooth.


This isn’t the only Bellini in a bottle. You can order a Bellini mix on Amazon as well. Just add Prosecco!

Keep your eyes peeled for Trader Joe’s Peach Bellini jam. Made with sweet, ripe peaches, lemon juice and cane sugar, this sweet jam would be perfect to spread on an English muffin for breakfast or to serve on a charcuterie platter at your next backyard barbecue.