Trader Joe’s donated food to a homeless shelter after a fridge malfunction

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When a Trader Joe’s grocery store location in Kalamazoo, Michigan experienced a refrigeration malfunction, it could have been a disaster. Everything from ribeye steaks to salmon filets to fresh fruits and veggies was in danger of going rotten…and $60,000 dollars of store inventory would go to waste.

But rather than allow the refrigeration malfunction to destroy their spirit, the good people at Trader Joe’s in Kalamazoo decided to donate all of the food (yes, all $60,000 of it!) to a local shelter that offers food, shelter and spiritual support to men, women and children in Michigan.

Since 1932, Kalamazoo Gospel Mission has been an important part of the Kalamazoo community. They do invaluable work for vulnerable people, including offering a safe place to stay for women, children and families looking for emergency housing, along with meals, laundry services, childcare, and job and housing assistance. In other words, it’s a much-needed light in Kalamazoo, and now, thanks to Trader Joe’s, they can spread even more goodness and support to deserving folks.

Greg Weaver, director of food service at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, confirmed that the 15 tons of food from Trader Joe’s is the largest donation of food they’ve ever received, and he also told the Kalamazoo News¬†that the quality of the products and the variety of offerings were so meaningful. “It’s one thing to eat food that gets you by. It’s another thing to eat food that ministers to your humanity. Every opportunity we have to uplift somebody’s dignity through food, we aim to do it. Trader Joe’s helped us accomplish that.”

How beautiful! The team at this Trader Joe’s location may have experienced an unexpected setback, but they were able to turn that into something positive and amazing that will have a far-reaching impact on so many happy and grateful people for months to come.

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