How To Transform Tea Lights Into Cute Snowman Ornaments

These adorable snowman ornaments are made of inexpensive tea lights.

If you’ve got a handful of tea lights leftover from illuminating jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween, this is the perfect holiday craft for reusing them.

These tiny tea light snowman ornaments from One Little Project are sure to spiff up your Christmas tree. They’d also make great gifts – hang one from a bottle of wine or attach one to a gift bag for a little extra holiday cheer.

Blogger Debbie Chapman shares step-by-step instructions for making these darling ornaments. We loved them so much that we decided to make them ourselves!

Here’s the full craft instructions:

  • First, start with a trip to the craft store for red ribbon, red pipe cleaners, red pom-poms, a black permanent marker and an orange permanent marker. You’ll also need a glue gun for this project.
  • Rotate the tea light so that the little plastic flame curves upward, which makes for a better carrot nose, according to Chapman.
  • With the black marker, draw two eyes and several black dots for the snowman’s smile.
  • Next, cut a piece of red pipe cleaner so that it just curves around the top half of the tea light. Attach the pipe cleaner and a pom-pom on each end with hot glue – these are the snowman’s earmuffs.
  • Cut a small piece of ribbon, then cross it over itself and use a bit of glue to hold the snowman’s “scarf” together. Attach the scarf to the back of the tea light.
  • Finally, cut another piece of ribbon and slide it under the pipe cleaner. Tie the ribbon together at the top so that you’re able to hang the snowman ornament.

Most tea light flames are white, so Chapman advises coloring the piece of plastic with the orange marker.

She also has instructions for how to make one with a top hat, which is equally adorable.

“You can buy most of the materials from the dollar store, so it’s a great inexpensive craft project,” Chapman writes. “Switch up the colors to add even more personality to your snowman family.”

[h/t: Country Living]