You can transform that old backyard trampoline into an isolated retreat

Once upon a time, I wished for my very own trampoline so I could, you know, jump on it. When I took gymnastics as a kid, I loved trampoline time most of all, loved sailing through the air without concern for grace or coordination or form.

Now that I’m an adult, I wish for my very own trampoline so I can create one of those sweet isolated retreats I’ve been seeing on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out this trampoline tent, for example, made by Instagram user @_vscogals_, who had a trampoline sleepover with friends:


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Then there are those hanging daybeds I have long coveted that can be found on sites like Wayfair and Houzz for way more money than I can justify:


It turns out that instead of spending over $5,000 on one of these, you can easily just upcycle that old trampoline collecting mildew in the backyard. Check out this step-by-step video:

When you’re done, you can surround your swing with netting or sheets or old curtains to create a gently swaying hideaway in which you can nap, read books and sip wine.

Just check out this example from Instagram user @bedroomvibesofficial. It is indoors, but I like their style:


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Meanwhile, the folks at Family Days Tried and Tested made a full-on Lockdown Trampoline Disco, complete with a disco ball, glow sticks and a Bluetooth speaker for the dance music. I… love this? For just myself?

What kind of retreat would you create with that unused trampoline in your backyard?