Why ‘Travel Deal Tuesday’ may be one of the best times to book your next vacation

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While there are plenty of tempting deals lingering from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may want to wait one more day before clicking “purchase.” Travel Deal Tuesday brings some of the best fare sales according to travel app Hopper.

Historically, the airlines offer major discounts Tuesday. Travel demand tends to dissipate after Thanksgiving. And it makes sense. Most travelers have already purchased holiday airfare, but they aren’t ready to book winter getaways yet.

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To take advantage of Travel Deal Tuesday, you don’t need to battle crowds or track down an elusive coupon code. You can find deals searching directly through airlines, Google Flights and more. Or let travel apps like Hopper do the heavy lifting for you.

After downloading the app, simply set up a Flex Watch with your home airport, cities and destinations of interest and dates. Then, the app monitors deals around the clock and sends alerts automatically when it finds a fare sale. And, it will. Hopper collects 10 to 15 billion price quotes for airfare daily. Armed with that data, the app predicts future flight prices with 95 percent accuracy.

Here are some of the expected round-trip flight costs from U.S. cities:

  • Amsterdam: $598
  • Cancun, Mexico: $313
  • Dublin: $531
  • Lima: $565
  • London: $594
  • Paris: $566
  • Reykjavik, Iceland: $502
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: $358
  • Shanghai: $512
  • Toronto: $299

And expected domestic deals on round-trip flights from US cities:

  • Austin: $222
  • Chicago: $166
  • Denver: $190
  • Honolulu: $589
  • Las Vegas: $193
  • Los Angeles: $215
  • Nashville: $217
  • Orlando: $172
  • Portland: $237
  • San Francisco: $262

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Need more evidence for opting out of Cyber Monday purchases? Buying experiences rather than things may be the key to happier holidays for everyone on your list this year. Science says so.

Researchers at San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences were happier and more satisfied than people who purchased material items. The thrill of a new gadget fades quickly but the memories and positive feelings from experiences, like travel, can last a lifetime.