Don’t let these 10 travel myths keep you from booking your next trip

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Do you dream of taking off somewhere for a well-deserved and much needed vacation, but instead of booking that trip, you let worrisome preconceptions about traveling keep you from making any plans? On either end of the traveler spectrum, you find those who just do it and travel at every opportunity, and those who allow all sorts of perceived “drawbacks” to keep them from hitting the road, the runway or the high seas.

If you’re on the naysaying end, what if the beliefs that are preventing you from taking the trip of a lifetime are untrue? Check out this list of ideas that many people have about travel that are actually total myths. Then, start packing your bags!

1. It’s Too Expensive

While you can certainly plan an extravagant, costly vacay, there are travel options to fit any budget. You can find amazing travel deals online, catch airfare discount sales and visit family or friends (couch-surfing is super affordable), or even pack a tent and sleeping bag in your car and hit the road.

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2. Round-Trip Tickets Are Cheaper

Two one-way tickets could save you cash. Depending on where you want to go, you might reap even bigger savings by purchasing multiple one-way tickets to your destination (for instance, it might be less expensive to fly to NYC first and then on to your final destination). Take time to check out different routes, airlines and dates.

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3. Booking Way In Advance Guarantees The Best Deal

You can save big if you catch an airline super sale or another great price long before you plan to travel, but don’t assume it’s too costly to take off in the near future. You can find numerous last-minute travel deals and enjoy a spontaneous getaway.

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4. Airplane Air Makes You Sick

If you are concerned about catching some bug while flying, take heart. Airlines use a combination of filtered air and fresh air, which, at certain altitudes, is cleaner than the air you breathe on land. Surfaces can carry germs, though, so be sure to wash your hands frequently while traveling.

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5. Cruises Are All-Inclusive

A relaxing cruise can be a budget-friendly travel option, but be aware of what is included with your fare. Special offerings such as alcoholic beverages, Wi-Fi, shore excursions and specialty restaurants on board may cost extra. Always read the fine print so that you can plan accordingly.

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6. Hotels Are Always Discounted During The Week

If you are traveling to a popular weekend getaway location, lodging may be more affordable Monday through Friday. However, if you look for hotels in an area with numerous businesses, you may find deep discounts Friday through Sunday when the corporate travelers have headed home.


7. You Should Always Go Somewhere New

There is something to be said for adventures in places you have never been, but don’t overlook travel to familiar locations. Chances are good that if you enjoyed it before, you will appreciate it again. You can even dig deeper and discover more about the area on a repeat visit.

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8. Jet Lag Is From Lack Of Sleep

Although it may feel as though you simply haven’t slept enough, jet lag is actually brought on by crossing multiple time zones, which puts your circadian rhythms or internal clock out of sync. Caffeine and sunlight are your two best options for getting back on track.

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9. Group Tours Are Too Restrictive

Not all group tours will prevent you from adventurous travel. Many give you time to spend on your own, when you can go wherever you please. Others offer off-the-beaten path tours that are not available to traditional travelers. You can even book guided trips that focus on adventure.

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10. Travel Agents Are Obsolete

In this age of travel-comparison and discount websites, you might think there’s no need for travel agents. However, they do still exist and they can help you nail down the perfect vacation. These pros have connections and can get you great rates, perks and assistance if anything goes wrong on your trip.

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