Travel Peru aboard this new luxury sleeper train

There’s a new sleeper train that will allow you to travel in style through Peru. And once you see how gorgeous the route—and the inside of the train—are, you’ll be booking a trip!

The Belmond Andean Explorer took its first trip in May and is currently accepting reservations. This is South America’s first luxury sleeper train. And boy, oh boy, have they set the bar high for other companies looking to create more overnight trains.


This one can hold 48 passengers and will travel between Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, treating guests to views of sights such as Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon along the way.

You can book a one- or two-night ride on the train, and when you board this luxurious train, you will enjoy the finest of amenities.


The rooms, for starters, look absolutely amazing. They feature plush beds, bright pops of color and big windows for your sight-seeing pleasure. Here’s what the train’s interior designer Inge Moore has to say about the aesthetic:

I wanted to connect the interior with the location and make it a holistic journey of discovery. The “journey” starts with the immediate surroundings—a place to calm the senses, enable a new state of “slow living” and relaxation whilst connecting with nature. Colours and textures are inspired by Peruvian nature—soft Ivory Alpaca tones, Andean slate greys and woven textures and handicrafts.

Matt Crossick/Belmond

But, that’s just the beginning. There’s also a piano bar car where you can enjoy a cocktail and listen to music, an observation car with an open deck, a library car and, of course, dining cars where you can feast on authentic Peruvian cuisine.

This is to ensure that your time on the train is just as wonderful as the mini excursions you make to sight-see. And according to one Conde Nast Traveler reporter who got to test out the trip, “Time on the train, however, is anything but dull.” No doubt about that!


If you’re intrigued by the idea of staying on a luxurious train, we can’t say we blame you. Prices are available upon request, but according to Travel + Leisure, the cost comes to about $480 per person, assuming two people are sharing a room.