Travel Photographer Is Shooting Incredible Nature Photos With Items She Has At Home

These are so clever!

What do you do if you’re a professional photographer who is stuck at home because of a worldwide pandemic? Erin Sullivan’s work normally has her traveling all over to capture moods and marvelous scenery. But, that’s can be a little hard to do when you’re confined to your home.

But this clever shutterbug decided not to let four walls keep her from shooting some incredible nature scenes while indoors. How? Like any talented artist, she took advantage of her surroundings by repurposing things in her home. And the results can not be believed!

Sullivan named this photo series #ErinsGreatIndoors and shares the photos on her Instagram account, @erinoutdoors.

“When I was a kid and couldn’t fall asleep, I’d go under the covers and imagine adventure scenes. A fold in the sheets could have been a mountain or a wave,” she posted. “With all the time I have been spending at home lately, these scenes have come back to the front of my mind. I thought it would be fun to create them in my apartment while I’m not traveling. Staying home is literally a lifesaver right now, and your inner artist can thrive given any restrictions.”

Her first photo in the series was created to look like an ice cave and brave adventurers paddling through frigid waters. In fact, it’s bedsheets, some strategic lighting and photo editing:

Looking for something a little less chilly, but still on the water? Sullivan created a sunny image that was inspired by memories of fishing with her grandpa. “On summer days we’d go stand on the pier and try to catch something,” she wrote. And though I never really had the patience for fishing growing up, it was always about the time spent together anyway.

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A peaceful morning fishing together on Tinfoil Lake 🌅😉 ✧ The images in this series might be fun and whimsical (I hope they appear that way to you!), but I create them from my memories or from feelings of places I have been, which feel rooted and meaningful to me. ✧ I grew up next to the Long Island Sound, and my grandpa used to take us out on his little boat when I was a kid. My cousin and I would be stuffed into orange lifejackets, two messy blonde heads on the front of the boat feeling like we were flying. On summer days we’d go stand on the pier and try to catch something. And though I never really had the patience for fishing growing up, it was always about the time spent together anyway. ✧ This image was created with tin foil, a toothbrush, a lamp under a sheet, and tiny people from a train set. Lots of questions on where to get them–– simply search for model train figures online and you’ll find lots of options. 😊 More BTS in my stories and highlight on my page. ✧ #ErinsGreatIndoors #OurGreatIndoors

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“This image was created with tin foil, a toothbrush, a lamp under a sheet, and tiny people from a train set,” she wrote on Instagram. When you swipe through all of the photos on this post, you can see the raw set-up in the final image — which makes her work all the more impressive.

Sullivan also created a slot canyon out of paper bags that, on first glance, looks just like a stunning sandstone landscape in Utah with a hiker trekking through. In the last images in this post, she also included a photo and video that show how she got the shot, so you’ll want to swipe through to see them all:

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Today I went on my first EVER trip to Paper Bag Canyon. 😉 I wasn’t really sure what we were going to find here, but I am learning that imagination is an adventure in and of itself. 💭 ✧ The response from this series has been great so far! Thank you to everyone who has sent me images of the adventures you are creating while inside. ✧ I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU to create your own indoor adventure, and to share it so we can all come along! Whether it’s a tiny one like this series here, or setting up your tent in your living room, post and tag #OurGreatIndoors and let’s create some inspiration for us all as a community. And if you can’t participate at this time, I invite you to follow along. I’ll share your work on my stories as the hashtag fills up. ✧ This canyon was made from paper bags taped to a cutting board, and the little hiker dude is a figure from a model train set. Lighting is just the natural light coming from my window. If you feel disqualified because you don’t have a big fancy camera, try using your phone! As always, use what you’ve got. Creativity can thrive even (especially?) within a set of restrictions. 🧑‍🎨 ✧ #ErinsGreatIndoors • #OurGreatIndoors

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Not all of Sullivan’s images are exactly realistic. Have you ever dreamed of mountains of pancakes and a river of maple syrup? Well, here they are brought to life, complete with a waterfall of syrup!

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For the perfect weekend adventure, may I recommend a trip to the Great Pancake Canyon? This weekend, Syrup River was flowing. Maybe it’s due to the rain we’ve had?? Not sure…. any of you specialize in pancake science and can speak to this? Anyway, this was a truly unique experience with fantastic views from both below and above. Also great breakfast available. 🥞 ✧ Camera info: Sony a7Riii & 90mm f2.8 Macro lens. Materials: Literally just pancakes, syrup, and model train figures. ✧ Want to create your own outdoor-inspired adventure while staying home? Post & tag #OurGreatIndoors or follow along with the hashtag to see what this community is creating. Or if you’ve got another project you’re working on, I would love to hear about it! Or if you are doing nothing, that’s OK too! Take care of yourself! ✧ Thanks to my pancake expert @thejoehenderson for helping with this adventure. Who knows where we will go next… 😂 #ErinsGreatIndoors • #OurGreatIndoors

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To enjoy this entire series and get some more behind-the-scenes information on how Sullivan crafts these landscapes, you can head over to her Instagram account to see all the images.