This Tree House Hotel Lets You Sleep In A Massive Bird’s Nest Or A UFO


As the popularity of tree houses grows, a hotel in Sweden is cashing in on the trend. The aptly-named Treehotel is the next best thing to the Treehouse Masters themselves building you one in your backyard.

The hotel is located in Harads, in the northern part of Sweden. While it was built in 2010, its popularity hasn’t waned. Celebrities even head there for some time away, including actor Elijah Wood, who stayed there last January.

Inspired by a Swedish film called “The Tree Lover,” Treehotel was built one thing in mind—letting guests relaxing and renewing their energy while surrounded by nature. In “The Tree Lover,” three men from the city want to go back to their roots by building a tree house together. A tree house was built for the film, and Kent and Britta Lindvall, who owned a guest house on the land where the tree house was built, thought it would be a shame for it to just stay there, wasting away once filming was complete. So, with the help of friends, the couple turned one tree house into seven—each more impressive than the last—and the Treehotel was born.

Treehotel is located in the tall pine forest with views of the Lule River. The tree rooms are suspended 13-19 feet above the ground and are accessible by ramp, bridge or electric stairs.

There are seven rooms you can stay in, most for around $615 a night, with some running you more. Here’s a peak at all the rooms the Treehotel offers:

1. The Cabin 

If you’re looking to stay in a tree house, but not for something too off-the-wall, The Cabin is your best bet. It accommodates two people, with a double bed, toilets and a rooftop terrace.


It’s pretty much like camping, but a whole lot nicer and without that fuss of a tent and pesky bugs.

2. The Mirrorcube

The Mirrorcube is camouflaged by its mirror walls, so the surroundings are projected onto the tree house.


Two people can stay here, and it includes a lounge and a rooftop terrace.

3. The Blue Cone

If you need more room, the Blue Cone (curiously named, seeing as it’s red!) has four beds with separate sleeping lofts and a living room.


As with all of these rooms, the views from inside look pretty breathtaking!

4. The Dragonfly

This one will cost you a little more (the average nightly rate is around $900), but it looks worth the money! The Dragonfly functions as both a conference room and a private suite. You know, in case your boss ever decides to have a company meeting at the Treehotel. The exterior is made of sheet metal that has intentionally been turned rust-brown and blend in with the forest.


The conference room has one lounge, two group rooms and a table with seating for 10. If you’re using it as a private suite, it can fit up to four people.


5. The UFO

Here’s where things get really interesting. *Cue X-Files theme song.* The UFO tree house is shaped like a giant flying saucer that’s made out of a lightweight metal.


The inside is decorated just as you’d expect—with a space theme. The UFO fits five people (two adults in a double bed and three children with separate beds). As do all the tree houses at the Treehotel, it even has free Wi-Fi, so you can read about alien encounters or stream your favorite “X-Files” episodes while you’re staying the night.


6. The Bird’s Nest

If you’ve ever longed to sleep in a gigantic bird’s nest, the Bird’s Nest suite gives you the chance. The exterior really does look like a huge nest, but luckily the interior’s a bit more polished.


You get into the nest via a retractable staircase, and the space sleeps a family of four. The walls are made of blonde wood panels and the windows are portholes.


7. The 7th Room

While it sounds like the title of a horror film, the 7th Room is pretty much the opposite. The most expensive place to stay at Treehotel, the 7th Room accommodates five people with two double beds, a bed sofa and a lounge.


All that extra space can be yours for a very pricey $1,800/night average.


The underside of the building is covered by a life-size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the room was installed. Large windows face north and, along with skylights in the bedrooms, you’ll be able to watch the Northern Lights.


You’ll probably get the best view on the patio, which is basically a giant net, which looks perfect for lying on your back and looking up at the stars. You can even sleep outside if you want!

Unsurprisingly, the Treehotel has ranked up some pretty impressive reviews on Tripadvisor. If you’re considering a trip to the hotel (and have saved up the funds to do it), you can read the reviews and see pictures taken by guests, and chances are they’ll convince you to go ahead and book!

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