31 trending hair colors to try now

Do blondes really have more fun? Are redheads always fiery? While these clichés might be open for debate, one thing is certain: Changing the color of your hair can get you out of a rut.

If you have decided a new hue is in your near future but you don’t want to go the traditional route, you’re in luck. There are tons of tints available, with literally every color of the rainbow represented. In fact, you can even have rainbow locks, if you’d like.

To help you decide, we’ve assembled some of the most gorgeous trends around. Check them out to see if one speaks to your unique sense of style.

1. Blackberry

The blackberry hair trend is an ideal way to add a pop of color to dark hair. The rich blue-violet tint adds subtle yet striking tones to even black hair.


2. Blood Moon

If you’re a fan of eclipses and other celestial occurrences, you might appreciate this hair trend that celebrates the rare blood moon. Intense red roots peek through long, dark hair that hints at being smoky blue.


3. Confetti

You know you’re a cupcake, so why not show the world? This adorable trend makes tresses look like your favorite birthday cake. Bits of light pastel shades are “sprinkled” throughout fair hair.


4. Denim

What comes in an array of shades, looks amazing on anyone and never goes out of style? Denim, of course. The same could be said about this denim hair color trend, which can range from brand new deep blue to stylish silver and sky blue.


5. Desert Rose

If you love rose gold, prepare to be obsessed with its deeper, more dramatic cousin. Dusty desert rose features an ashy silver-blonde base with stunning magenta and other rosy tones.


6. Dragon’s Fire

You’re no damsel in distress. You don’t need some boy to slay your dragons. In fact, the dragons better watch out for you. Why not let your hair send a message?


7. Fruit Juice

How about a nice Hawaiian punch? This combo of copper and violet is a refreshing twist on highlights for dark locks.


8. Galaxy Hair

Feeling a little starry-eyed? This hair color trend is truly out of this world. Galaxy hair takes its inspiration from the colors of the heavens, and the results are truly heavenly.


9. Ghosted Hair

Far from being spooky, this trend is totally chic and unique. Ghosted hair is an icier take on platinum, and is much more multidimensional. Strands are “ghosted” with varying shades of silver and grey for a sensationally cool outcome.


10. Harry Potter Hair

Inspired by the colors of Gryffindor, Virginia Beach hairstylist Crystal Casey designed this delightful, horizontally-colored hairdo. After bleaching horizontal lines onto the hair, she tinted the tresses using  a basic balayage and dimension-boosting color melting technique.

“Since a lot of the natural brown base is left untouched, just about any skin tone can wear it,” Casey told Allure.


11. Mulled Wine

If you’ve dreamed of going red but aren’t sure you can pull off bright copper or spicy ginger, mulled wine hair could be the hue for you. Although there are different approaches to this hair coloring trend, it’s typically multidimensional, with deep blue, red and violet shades.


12. Oil Slick

Oil and hair are not two words that typically go together—at least not with a positive connotation. But this oil slick refers to a rainbow hair color effect that’s ideal for brunettes. It can be subtle or intense.


13. Peach Blonde

This sun-kissed look is like strawberry blonde’s softer, subtler little sister. The shade complements every complexion, from fair-skinned beauties to bronzed babes to women with warm undertones.


14. Peanut Butter And Jelly

It’s PB&J hair time! To get you in on this delicious trend, your stylist will add caramel and berry highlights to your tresses.


15. Pumpkin Spice

Since pumpkin spice is in everything from lattes to candles to dog treats, why not have it in your hair as well? This warm, autumnal shade can definitely spice up your look.


16. Rose Brown

Rose is all the rage, and gold is not the only shade that complements it beautifully. Rose brown hair is soft, shiny and achievable for practically any hair color.


17. Smoky Lilac

Combining trendy silver tresses with a hint of pastel purple results in a soft shade that flatters any skin tone. Smoky lilac hair color can be ultra-subtle or vibrantly noticeable; the choice is yours.


18. Pink Ombre

A sweet transition from rose to powder pink or some other shade of blush can be flattering for anyone. You can opt to keep your natural color near the roots or dye from top to tips.


19. Strawberry Brunette

If you’ve toyed with turning your brown locks red but aren’t ready for a full commitment, this understated look might be what you’re looking for.


20. Metallic Pastel Watercolors

This vibrant twist on icy silver is soft yet striking. Pick your favorite pastels for a result that is all you.


21. Cherry Cola

When deep burgundy meets rich cocoa, the outcome is a deliciously effervescent multidimensional hair color that’s totally trend-worthy.


22. Coffee Blonde

This ombre trend can take you from café au lait to espresso or anywhere in between. Both brunettes looking to lighten up and blondes seeking something a little darker can rock this look.


23. Chocolate Mauve

Dark-haired beauties are not limited to blonde streaks when highlighting their hair. This balayage treatment adds prismatic pinks and purple strands to rich brown tresses.


24. Rainbow Sherbet

As with so many current hair color trends, this stylish look gives you the option of adding pale pastel streaks to your natural shade or going full-on vivid pink, orange or green.


25. Bronde

Can’t decide on going blonde or brown? You don’t have to. Get the best of both worlds with this blend of light and dark, usually achieved using the balayage color technique.


26. Ocean

Let your inner siren come out by coloring your locks a lovely combination of aquatic blues and greens—the deeper, the better.


27. Opal

This gorgeous iridescent take on platinum blonde will make people wonder if you’re an up-and-coming starlet. Pale pinks and soft blues blended with silver and blonde shades create this dazzling ‘do.


28. Beige Violet

This is definitely not your mom’s ash blonde. Soft, cool purple tones add an updated extra dimension to light beige locks.


19. Charcoal

Somewhere between jet black and steely silver, this dark grey shade would be ravishing with any skin tone.


30. Gem Roots

Who doesn’t find bright gem tones appealing? With this hair color trend, all you need is a bit of these bright colors to make a major impression.


31. Silver And Gold

Combine honey gold hair with silvery highlights and the result is a rich, elegant update to basic blonde. Add more gold for warm skin tones or up the silver if you have cool undertones.


Choosing your new hair shade is sure to boost your mood and give you a vibrant, new look. Plus, since it grows out, you’re not married to it. Why not give it a go?