Trick Out Your Kitchen With These 21 Futuristic Gadgets

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We may not have flying cars yet (seriously, wasn’t that supposed to happen like 10 years ago?), but at least our kitchens are smarter than ever. From WiFi-enabled slow-cookers to a fridge that knows when you’re out of milk, there are endless devices out there to make your kitchen time as efficient, safe and entertaining as possible.

If you’re ready to turn your cooking space into something out of a sci-fi movie, here are some of the coolest  high-tech kitchen products out there to get you started.

1. Heat-Activated Koi Fish Coasters

The heat from the beverage in your cup reveals these bright little fishies living on the coasters.

Get the set for $50 at CKIE.


2. LED Salt And Pepper Shakers

These colorful seasoning shakers from Noella, activated by a button, can turn any dining room table into an instant light show.

Light up your life for $30 from Amazon.


3. Robotic Bartender

It’s not quite Rosie from the Jetsons, but the Somabar is the next best thing, at least as far as cocktail parties are concerned. This tabletop bartender takes orders right from your phone and mixes your drink for you in just a few seconds. No tips required.

Pre-order from Somabar for $429.


4. Digital Measuring Bowl

No more trying to remember how many ounces are in a cup. The Modernhome Digital Mixing & Measuring Bowl measures all of your ingredients for you so you can concentrate on important things, like taste-testing the cookie dough one more time.

Get one for $23 on Amazon.


5. Bluetooth Food Safety Detector

This gadget has a sharper nose than you or your dog. It can detect potentially dangerous gases coming off your food, uses that information to decide if that leftover chili is still safe to eat, then sends the results right to your phone.

Upgrade your sense of smell for $100, from Sharper Image.

Sharper Image

6. Water-Saving Nozzle

The Altered:Nozzle can attach to just about any faucet in your house. It breaks the water stream down into tiny droplets, reducing household water consumption by up to a mind-blowing 98 percent.

Pre-order one for $48 on Kickstarter.



7. Smart Grocery Shopping Button

Hiku sits on your counter, waiting to make shopping easier for you. You can either scan an item or just talk directly to it, and it’ll create an updated grocery list that appears on your phone.

Get it for $59 on Amazon.


8. Portable UV Sanitizing Wand

The Verilux CleanWave UV-C Portable Sanitizing Wand lets you sanitize just about anything in your household with a wave of your hand. It uses UV light to kill potentially harmful bacteria, leaving everything from your knife handles to your TV remote safe for human contact.

Get it for $50 on Amazon.


9. Pancake Printer

Forget 3D printers—the real innovation is happening on your breakfast table. The PancakeBot takes your uploaded designs and then prints them into delicious, fluffy pancake reality.

Take your pancakes to the next level for $300 on Amazon.


10. Food Pod

This weirdly charming silicone pod looks like something straight out of “Monsters, Inc.” It keeps veggies and even seafood safe through boiling, blanching, steaming, draining and just about anything else you might need to do to your food.

Get it for $15 on Amazon.


11. Frozen Rolling Pin

The “World’s Coolest Rolling Pin” (yes, that was a pun) is made of anodized aluminum that holds its temperature long after you take it out of the fridge. Your days of battling uncooperative pie crusts and warm rolling pins are behind you now.

Get it for $50 at Sharper Image.

Sharper Image

12. Temperature-Sensing Mug

The LED lights are pretty, but they’re not even the fanciest part of this high-tech insulated travel mug. The Lehoo Mug also reminds you to hydrate, and tells you the exact temperature of your drink. Say goodbye to burned tongues forever!

Get one for $46 on Amazon.


13. Smart Fridge

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator does everything for you, including diet guilt trips (there are sensors that monitor food intake). The fridge comes with interior cameras to document if you’re out of fresh veggies or your yogurt has spoiled, and can send that information right to your phone. If that still isn’t enough entertainment for you, it can also play music.

Get it for $3,900 from Best Buy.

Best Buy

14. Warming Ice Cream Scoop

The Scoop That II warming scoop softens ice cream without melting it, making you an instant scooping pro. Now you just have to focus on not knocking those perfect scoops off your cone.

Get it for $20 on Amazon.


15. Airless Storage Containers

These storage containers are the kitchen equivalent of those vacuum-seal travel bags. Just fill them up, then push all the air out, locking in all that freshness and flavor.

Multiple sizes, from $10 on Amazon.


16. WiFi-Enabled Crock-Pot

Crock-Pot’s Wemo Smart WiFi-enabled Slow Cooker lets you control cook time and temperature right from your phone. It’s like being able to babysit your food, no matter where you are.

Get one for $124 on Amazon.


17. Instant Wine Chiller

The Ravi Wine Chiller attaches to the top of your wine bottle, then instantly chills it as you pour. You’ll never have to serve guests a room-temperature Pinot Grigio again.

Get it for $40 on Amazon.


18. Reusable Stretchy Food Cover

No matter what you need covered, colorful CoverBlubber will stretch enough to get the job done.

Get it for $18 on Amazon.


19. Restaurant-Quality Ice Chest

The Wintersmiths Ice Chest ensures you always have restaurant-quality, clear ice on hand for all your classy cocktail needs.

Pick one up for $120 on Amazon.


20. Titanium Toothpick

This is probably what Wolverine uses when he gets cilantro stuck in his teeth. Go ahead and try to break the Urban Operators Titanium Banded Toothpick. Just try. We’ll wait.

Get it for $13 at ThinkGeek.

Think Geek

21. Smart Trash Can With Vacuum

The Bruno Smartcan is here to solve all of your garbage-based arguments. It has sensors to remind you when it’s trash day, an app that tells you when you need to order more bags and a vacuum that collects what you sweep so you don’t even need a dust pan.

Pre-order one for $179 from Bruno.


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