Find a hedgehog hidden in the woods in this tricky puzzle

Hedgehog in woods brain teaser puzzle
Celtic Tiles

Are you up for a challenge? We’ve got a tricky seek-and-find picture puzzle that will give your eyes a workout.

Look at the below image and see if you can find the hedgehog hidden in the woods. It might sound simple, but don’t get too confident before you’ve had a look: This is actually pretty difficult!

Check out the image, which was created by Celtic Titles, and when you think you have the solution — or if you get stumped — scroll down to check the solution. The company said that if you find the animal in less than 20 seconds, you should feel pretty good.

Celtic Titles

Think you have it? Look to the right side of the picture, about halfway down. The little hedgehog is just barely peeking onto the frame. That was tough, right?

Looking for another seek-and-find puzzle? Look no further than this latest illustrated puzzle from master puzzle-maker Gergely Dudás (also known as The Dudolf to his massive following on social media). We’ve featured several of his puzzles here over the years, including one where an acorn is hiding among leaves and one involving a large group of Halloween pumpkins with one that doesn’t quite match.

In the picture puzzle below, you have to try and find the mouse among the squirrels. This one is tough, too, as the squirrels and the mouse look nearly identical except the mouse has rounded ears and a skinny slip of a tail.

Think you have the answer? Click here for the solution posted on Dudás’ website.

We asked the artist himself what makes a great seek-and-find puzzle and he made it sound deceptively simple.

“For me, it is always important to add some kind and cute details,” Dudás told Simplemost. “Other than that, the hidden object has to be very similar to the other objects in the picture. Sometimes they are a bit too different and I have to remake the picture to make it right.”

Dudás has also illustrated a seek-and-find book that would be the perfect holiday gift for kiddos. “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things: Christmas Seek-and-Find” offers sweet, tender images and holiday-themed puzzles that will offer just the right amount of challenge for kids 4 and up.

You can find Dudás’ collection of seek-and-find books on Amazon.

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