I tried the essential oils celebrities are raving about—and here’s what I thought

I’ve never been one for trying out fads just because everyone else was doing them. LuLaRoe? No thanks. Fidget spinners? I’ll pass.

But lately, essential oils are everywhere, and people say they’re helping them sleep, relax, breathe better and everything in between. Even so, when presented with the chance to experiment with Young Living Essential Oils, I was hesitant. Still, after diving into the history of oils, and hearing from so many people who swear by them, I decided to give them a shot.

Young Living Essential Oils sells everything from oils to cleaning products and even cough drops. They have a pretty big celebrity following, too, from Kerry Washington and Kelly Clarkson to Gwyneth Paltrow and Robin Roberts. I’ll do anything Kelly Clarkson does!

So I tried out several products. Here are the results of my first-time trip to the land of essential oils:

The Product: Home Diffuser/Everyday Oils

What I Thought: The Dew Drop Design Diffuser is, first off, so cute. It’s like a little rain drop full of possibilities. Can it help cure my headache? Maybe make me relax a bit when I’m feeling a little tense? To really put it to work on both of those tasks, I plugged in it at my office, the command center of stress and headaches.

The Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection includes pretty much any oil you could think of, including a blend called Stress Away. It contains hints of lime and vanilla, so it’s a bit citrusy, but also tropical. It wasn’t an overpowering scent to me, but rather just enough so that if I shut my eyes (and somehow managed to drown out all noise), I could pretend I was somewhere other than work. An island, perhaps. The smell was far superior to the normal air fresheners I use to spruce up my office and, out of the five people who came to visit the day I used it, every single one said it either smelled “so good” or “amazing.”

I then took the diffuser home, along with the Lavender oil. As suggested online, I added a few drops to a bath after dinner. The smell—perfect. I don’t often go to spas, but I had an amazing massage once and the lavender smell popped that memory back into my head. And just thinking about it helped me unwind.

As recommended by some essential oil-loving yogis, I also put a few dabs on my yoga block. For that, I used Frankincense. Described as “an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness,” it seemed like a good fit. Just a few drops on the side of my yoga block were enough. I laid in Child’s Pose with my forehead resting on the block, moving my head back and forth, giving myself a bit of a massage while inhaling the oil. After doing an entire yoga class with the smell of the oil still around, I have to say, I really did feel grounded and happy. I will likely start putting this in the diffuser and using it for my classes.

Side note: I’ve heard from multiple people that putting peppermint oil on your yoga block or mat when you’re feeling a little under the weather can help you breath better. I haven’t tried, but I will next time I’m sick.

essential oil kit photo
Flickr | Vanilla and lace

The Product: Roll-On “Deep Relief”

What I Thought: Fortunately, I don’t have many aches and pains (excluding headaches), but when I do, it’s in my shoulders and neck from sitting at a computer all day. Yoga helps, but there are some days it just doesn’t cut it.

The Deep Relief Roll-On is easy to just keep at work, right in my desk drawer. It didn’t take long before I had the need to test it, so I put it on my shoulders and down my neck. The smell was pleasant, and I actually found it made me more alert. It smells like Spearmint gum, which isn’t surprising considering it has peppermint and wintergreen oils.

After the smell, I noticed a nice cooling sensation, which was calming. It didn’t completely take away the burning in my shoulders. But it did feel like a mini massage, and the smell was relaxing. It also lasted quite a long time.

Photo: Kaitlin Gates

The Product: Thieves Household Cleaner

What I Thought: This cleaner worked so well, it made me realize just how dirty my house was. First thing first, the smell was amazing. Lemon-y fresh, and it honestly made me want to keep cleaning. I followed the instructions of diluting the cleaner with water, then cleaned the floors of my cabinets. I had no idea they were so dirty, but the color of the water when I was finished speaks for itself.

Photo: Kaitlin Gates

Yeah…super gross.

In the end, I loved that it didn’t smell like a cleaner and, obviously, it worked!

The Product: Thieves Essential Oil-Infused Hard Lozenges/Breathe Again Roll-On

What I Thought: I tried these products at the same time. The lozenges tasted quite strong at first, but after about a minute or so, I started to enjoy the taste. They seemed to last longer than most lozenges. They can be used for targeted support (like, if you’re sick), but also just for overall wellness, which is what I am using them for.

The Breathe Again Roll-On smells soooo good. Not only does it have peppermint, but it also includes four types of eucalyptus. I was not sick when trying it, so I can’t speak for whether it will unclog a stuffy nose, but it certainly made me feel more awake. I tried it before a shower and the roll-on, combined with the steam, made it feel like a spa.

Photo: Kaitlin Gates

Final Verdict

I am now adding my name to the list of people who believe in essential oils. I found it quite impressive that smells could transform my office and home and make it so much more pleasant. If you want to learn more about how essential oils can improve your health, click here.