Triscuit Introduces First Ever Non-Cracker Snack

While winter gives us peppermint-flavored everything, spring and summer never disappoint with new foods that are perfect for snacking on at the beach, on a picnic or when entertaining friends and family. From new spritzers and strawberry lemonade beer to new flavors of Sun Chips and Lay’s potato chips, this is the perfect time of year to get your snack on.

Now Triscuit is joining in on the fun with their first-ever new product in their 119-year history that isn’t a cracker — Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters. The new clusters have wheat berries, which I’m going to guess you’ve never heard of. A whole wheat kernel with a nutty flavor and mild chewy consistency, wheat berries are commonly ground up into flour, but Triscuit is keeping them whole and combining them with other ingredients — nuts, seeds and dried fruit — to make up their crunchy, bite-sized clusters.

Triscuit says the wheat berries are grown on the same family farms in Michigan from which they source the wheat for their crackers. They’re then roasted and clustered. You’ll find three flavors on store shelves for around $4.29 a bag: cranberries & cashews, pumpkin seeds & sweet corn and cherries & almonds.


I had a chance to sample each flavor and can say they’re pretty much like nothing I’ve had before. They’re similar to granola in texture, but not so much in taste. The flavor, in fact, is pretty unique. While I liked all three, I loved the pumpkin seeds and sweet corn. My favorite thing, however, is that you can clearly see the ingredients, including whole seeds.

There’s also only a handful of ingredients in each of them — all of them easy to pronounce — which is a huge win in my book. The pumpkin seeds and sweet corn, for example, only have roasted wheat berries, brown rice syrup, pumpkin seeds, dried sweet corn, canola oil, potato flakes, sugar and salt.


Also new in time for picnic season, Town House will introduce a new flavor of their Pretzel Flipsides in April — garlic herb. They’re basically just buttery crackers with the added taste of pretzel, now with that additional garlic taste. They sound pretty delicious on their own, but also seem like they would go well on a charcuterie board if you’ll be making one of those this summer!

Will you be trying Triscuit’s new wheatberry clusters?