‘Troop Beverly Hills’ sequel is in the works


“Troop Beverly Hills,” the 1989 comedy about a pampered, soon-to-be-divorced society wife (Shelley Long) who takes on a troop of unruly Wilderness Girls, is getting a sequel.

ET confirmed the news, revealing that the project will be the feature debut for director Oran Zegman. The script is by Aeysha Carr (“Woke”) and Tamara Chestna, with Ava Fries, who produced the original film based on her own experience, signed on as executive producer.

According to Variety, “the original film has seen decades of repeat viewing, praised for its feminist themes and tightly embraced by the LGBTQ community.” If you need a reminder, the now-grown Wilderness Girls were Tori Spelling, Carla Gugino and Jenny Lewis. (Cameos, perhaps?)

There’s certainly lots of love for “Troop Beverly Hills” on Twitter, and news of the sequel has been well-received. Twitter user @AndorianIP calls the movie “a gem” and only hopes the original cast members will make appearances in the sequel.

Some of the most memorable quotes from the movie are also doing the rounds on social media.

And some people are even calling for movie merchandise already, like @LazyKnope, who wants a Phyllis Nefler figurine.

Even Jenny Lewis herself has been tweeting about the sequel. After E! News posted a story about the sequel and wondering what the original cast is up to now, Lewis tweeted a cheeky response, writing, “looks around… where am I?”

Although we don’t know if the sequel will bring the original cast back together, during an ET reunion in 2019 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Troop Beverly Hills,” Betty Thomas, who played Velda Plendor, was enthusiastic.

“I think we should do it,” Thomas said. “I know that Sony has a script over there.”

It’s too early for a release date for the sequel, but you can rent “Troop Beverly Hills” on Amazon Prime for $3.99, to get you in the mood.

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