This Tropical Island Is Full Of Cute Rescue Puppies

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With its sandy white beaches and luxury hotels, the Turks and Caicos islands are already a dream vacation destination for many people. However, one woman has made it even better with the addition of some seriously cute rescue pups. At Potcake Place, the animal rescue that Jane Parker-Rauw started on Providenciales, visitors can “rent” a dog for a few hours of beachside cuddles, free of charge!

Established in 2004 as a charity, Parker-Rauw was inspired to open Potcake Place on the main island of the Turks and Caicos, after seeing how the country’s stray canines were mistreated and abused. “Potcake” is a local word to describe the type of homeless, mixed-breed dogs that run free on the island. Potcakes often are fed the leftover food caked at the bottom of a cooking pot. Hence the name.

With no shelter in the country prior to Parker-Rauw’s, strays often starved or faced even worse fates. Now, thanks to Potcake Place, the island’s dogs are vaccinated and kept healthy until they can find their forever homes.

For tourists to Providenciales, “checking out” one of these rescue potcakes and taking them on a walk down the beach can be a novel and fun experience. And for some, it leads to love at first sight. Potcake Place reportedly adopts out over 500 dogs a year, and more than 6,000 have gone home with families from the U.S. I mean, look at this precious face:

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And how awesome would it be to spend a day at the beach with this little dude?

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Or this guy soaking up the sun.

We want to officially introduce you to Scooter, she is what islanders in the Turks & Caicos & Bahamas call a Potcake. She is a stray pup that was rescued by the amazing organization @potcakeplacek9rescue There are thousands of stray dogs on these islands, and past governmental responses to wild dogs have included shooting and poisoning them, along with locals purposefully running them over with their cars. @potcakeplacek9rescue started rescuing pups 12 years ago in the hopes of finding them true homes and reducing the amount of homeless dogs. Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, this vision has become a reality with over 6,000 adopted pups traveling back home with tourists that visit the islands. Go show @potcakeplacek9rescue some love and #adoptdontshop #doggo #dog #puppies #puppiesofinstagram #puppy

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Potcake Place isn’t the only animal rescue to think of such an idea. The Kauai Humane Society in Hawaii runs a similar program that allows visitors to sign a waiver and take a dog out on an adventure for the day.

Considering the limited amount of people who live on islands, Potcake Place and the Kauai Humane Society are smart to establish programs like these in order to adopt out more animals. Hopefully, it’s an idea that will spread to other places as well!