The Truck Decal Plumbers Everywhere Wish They’d Thought Of First

If this guy's plumbing is as good as his marketing, he should be in good shape. ?

Nick Huckson just recently opened his own business in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, called The Sault’s Plumber.

Now, as anyone opening a new business can tell you, you have to find a way to stand out from the competition. And in today’s social media-fueled, 24/7 news cycle—you need to find a way fast. With the help of a local sign shop, the plumber found a way to quickly put himself on the map. After all, his slogan is “We’re fast, not half fast.”

The Sault's Plumber/Facebook

If this plumber’s marketing skills are any indication of the quality of his plumbing repair, we’d say his business has a bright future ahead.

The Sault's Plumber/Facebook

Bonus: In case you were wondering (as I was) how to pronounce Sault Sainte Marie: (No, it’s not “Salt.”)

[h/t: CountryLiving]