Truly Triplets Instagram Account Features The 3 Cutest Babies Ever

Are you ready for some heart-melting cuteness?

Then you have to see this new mama’s Instagram account. Karae Coursey recently delivered triplets, and she was inspired to create an Instagram dedicated to her new babies called Truly Triplets.

And, boy are we glad she did, because the pictures are so stinkin’ cute!

Look at those three little beauties! Meet Bailey, Beau and Brook, identical triplet girls who arrived in the world just five months ago. While twins, triplets and quadruplets, are more common these days thanks in part to amazing medical advances like fertility drugs, Coursey’s triplets were conceived without any intervention.

In Coursey’s case, multiples just happen to run in her family! And, based on these cute bundles, we are so glad this is the case.

Coursey, who is a twin herself, suspected that she might be pregnant with twins, as she was feeling extra-nauseous and tired early on in her pregnancy. (Coursey has an older son, too, a 5-year-old named Kanon, pictured with the girls below.)

However, she was not at all prepared for the news the doctor gave her during the ultrasound. She wasn’t having twins… but triplets! Coursey said her husband almost fainted at the news. (Can you blame him!?) The pair were overjoyed to learn about their three blessings, as was big brother Kanon.

As adorable as the little girls are, Coursey admits that parenting three infants is no joke. She offers encouragement to other new moms out there, reminding them: “It gets better.”

She also stresses that moms shouldn’t make themselves crazy trying to breastfeed. Instead, she assures moms that formula is a life-saving tool that they shouldn’t be afraid to use, and to that end, keeping a mini-fridge and bottle warmer in the bedroom is smart planning.

Smart advice. Here’s to moms lifting each other up… and to this truly adorable family!

h/t: Huffington Post