The Truth Behind Costco’s $5 Rotisserie Chicken

I love Costco. You can get some really awesome deals on a wide variety of products, including dinner. Their $5 rotisserie chicken is a steal, and it’s so good, and it has many people coming back for more. However, there’s a reason it’s so addicting, and it’s not so pretty.

On a recent episode of his show, Dr. Oz consulted with journalist Mark Schatzker to find out the truth behind this popular chicken. Rotisserie chicken is actually a processed food, as it’s pre-seasoned in factories before arriving at the supermarket. This means there are a lot of added ingredients, including a lot of salt, MSG, yeast extract, sugar, natural flavorings and more.

As far as processed foods go, rotisserie chicken is still one of your better options, according to Schatzker, but be aware that it’s not as healthy as it would be if you prepared a chicken at home or purchased one that you know is organic, or freshly seasoned and prepared.

If you’re opting for a rotisserie chicken, look for simple flavors with minimal ingredients. As with most food products, a long list of ingredients usually indicates a lot of preservatives or additives are included in the recipe. Dr. Oz also advised that those looking to cut calories should remove the skin before eating rotisserie chicken, as the skin adds about 170 calories more per serving.

Both Schatzker and Dr. Oz recommend ensuring you have other healthy items on the plate, like steamed vegetables, to create an overall balanced meal.

Photo by terren in Virginia