You Have To Try Cooking A Potato Like This

We’ve all had food on a stick before. Corn dogs, shish kabobs, popsicles. But how about a potato on a stick?

Well, clever YouTuber DaveHax has come up with a way to serve up “Chips On A Stick” that is truly quite easy! You start with a regular old spud, and stick a skewer all the way through it. Then you use a sharp knife to make a series of angled slices in the potato, turning it as you go.


Once you’ve carved the potato, drizzle it with olive and sprinkle with salt and pepper. You could also experiment with other seasonings. Dill or garlic would both be delicious!

Watch the video below for complete instructions and baking directions:

When the spiral potato comes out of the oven, it should still be connected in one long, curly strip —making it a super fun snack or side dish!

Serve alongside a hamburger or hot dog for a fun twist on French fries. Or you could even pair your spiral potatoes with a nice juicy stick and dress it up with some crumbled blue cheese or herb and garlic butter.


If you’ve got some time (or a few helpers in the kitchen!), carve up several of these spiral spuds for a unique party snack or dinner party side dish.

[h/t: Better Homes & Gardens]