Try these popular Pop-Tart Pie recipes for a grownup version of this kid-friendly snack

A grown-up version of our favorite childhood breakfast snack is becoming more and more popular: Pop-Tarts. Foodies across the blogosphere have been experimenting with Pop-Tart Pie, and making us seriously drool.

There are different directions in which you can take this dish, but the most popular recipes have your primary Pop-Tart characteristics: a crunchy, yummy crust, a fruity filling and an icing drizzle.

Let’s check out two versions of a strawberry Pop-Tart Pie—one in classic pie form, and another in classic Pop-Tarts form—plus a bonus S’mores Pop-Tart Pie recipe. There’s still enough summer left to test them all!

Strawberry Pie With A Twist

A deep-dish version of a strawberry Pop-Tart, by Julie of Willow Bird Baking, resembles a regular strawberry pie, but has a breakfast pastry flair. “The pie doesn’t hold its shape very well, so we ate it in bowls with giant scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, almost like a cobbler,” the creator writes. “The whole strawberries make it especially succulent and summery.”

Julie uses a regular pie crust she already loves and a regular strawberry pie filling. The flair is in the glaze, made with sugar, almond extract and milk. It’s all topped with sprinkles to resemble the strawberry breakfast pastries we used to pop in the toaster before school.

Check out the full Willow Bird Baking recipe here.

Willow Bird Baking

The Strawberry Pop-Tart Throwback

It looks just like what you used to pull out of the crinkly wrappers, but these Pop-Tarts are actually huge and made for sharing. This concoction by Amanda at A Cookie Named Desire stays true to what you grew up loving.

Amanda writes that she wanted to improve on what she considers the design flaws of original Pop-Tarts by improving the crust and making sure there was enough filling. She recommends frozen strawberries to most easily get a nice jam consistency that’ll ooze just enough without seeping through the crust.

“My favorite way to serve this strawberry pop tart pie? Leave it on the table and let everyone take pieces as they please!” writes Amanda. Check out the full A Cookie Named Desire recipe here.

A Cookie Named Desire

Beyond Fruit

If strawberry isn’t your jam, another popular recipe tackles the S’mores Pop-Tart. This S’mores Pop Tart Slab Pie looks seriously delicious. Sydney at The Crepes of Wrath makes a similar throwback toaster pastry-style creation. She layered chocolate, marshmallow and some crumbled graham crackers between a traditional pie crust.

Check out the full The Crepes of Wrath recipe here.

The Crepes of Wrath