Try This Trick To Soothe A Crying Baby

When a baby starts to cry, our first instinct is usually to hold him or rock him back and forth. If that doesn’t work, we offer a bottle. But if a baby isn’t tired or doesn’t need to be fed, they’ll continue to cry, and it’s frustrating—and disheartening—to deal with an inconsolable baby. Luckily, there’s still another option when it comes to soothing a crying child, and it involves gently applying pressure to different areas of their feet.

Foot reflexology is a home remedy that also can be effective for adults. Reflexologists believe that different areas of the foot correspond to different body organs and systems, and pressing on these areas can help relieve discomfort.

You can familiarize yourself with the different areas of the foot and which part is said to correspond with which organ using this handy chart from LittleThings.

Although there isn’t much scientific research to back this up, foot reflexology can be soothing in the same way as a massage, and that alone might be enough to relax a newborn baby. However, it’s always best to use this method as a complement to other suggestions from your pediatrician.