Tuck Your Kitchen Sponge In At Night

Ah, the oft-forgotten kitchen sponge. Utilitarian in form and function, it does its daily job without complaint, only to be tossed by the side of the sink when its tasks are completed. On the other hand, I tend to anthropomorphize things- IE, give an inanimate object human qualities. That means I want to treat the kitchen sponge like…a puppy. And what do you do with puppies at night? Right, you tuck them in and put ’em to bed. (Bedtime story optional.) Voila:



Yes, a Tiny Bed for your Tiny Sponge. It’s called “Clean Dreams” and has an open air grid like base so air will flow through and dry it thoroughly. You can buy it for $15 USD from a company called Ototo.

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h/t: Apartment Therapy