These tulips look like ice cream when in bloom

Ice cream tulips

Tulips are beautiful signs of spring, and these yummy-looking “ice cream” tulips (yes, that’s what they’re actually called!) are even prettier than the standard flowers.

This special variety of perennial has outer pink petals with white blossoms on top, which makes it look like an enticing ice cream cone. Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend actually licking one, getting a gander at one of these beauties will certainly brighten your day.

Ice cream tulips typically bloom in mid to late spring, and these unique plants will last for a long time. According to Spring Hill Nurseries in Harrison, Ohio, they can sometimes open completely, which gives them more of a peony look, rather than resembling an ice cream cone.

You can see that effect in this photo posted to Instagram by @liaenmauk:


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Some blooms can be as large as 4-6 inches, making them perfect for bouquets or to really make a splash in your garden.

They look absolutely gorgeous in a bike basket, as shown on Instagram by @leranel:


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This one posted by @gablerka7886 looks like someone ordered vanilla ice cream — hold (most of) the cone:


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Even a single, small ice cream tulip is stunning, as shown in this photo posted by


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If you’re interested in growing some of your own, you can buy them at many plant nurseries and retailers seasonally; they’re best purchased available closer to fall because that’s when they’re planted.

Tulips definitely perk people up as the weather warms. Each year, visitors flock to the Netherlands to get a look at the country’s famous tulips. Sadly, many farms have had to close to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you were hoping to make the trip, you can still get your tulip fix with a virtual tour.

Dutch Daffodils in Holland took to Facebook to send a message of hope and share a special photo that shows that they spelled out “See You Next Year” with tulips:

“This Sunday we spent with our families in the flower field to create something special for you,” the post reads. “We headed the tulips a bit earlier to write this message. From our families to yours! We hope that this brightens your day a bit and we hope to see you next year!”

Aww! Seeing all these beautiful flowers certainly gives us joy.

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