A new movie from ‘Juno’ creator is on the way, and it’s all about modern motherhood

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The trailer for “Tully,” the latest film from Diablo Cody, was just released this week. And as a hardcore Cody lover (she is the screenwriter behind “Juno”), I was fan-girling out when I saw it!

The movie stars Charlize Theron as Marlo, a mother facing all the hilarity and hardship of parenthood in 2018. Nobody creates realistic, flawed yet downright hilarious characters quite like the Academy Award-winning screenwriter Cody. Her movies have such authenticity to them, and as this trailer proves, she is bringing that same realness to “Tully.” That scene where Theron drops her phone on her baby, waking her after a long struggle to get her to sleep? Um… relatable.

Or the scene where she’s pumping in bed like a milk-zombie while on her laptop?

Or the look she gives her husband (played by Ron Livingston) when he makes a insensitive remark about what she made the kids for dinner? Listen, dad, it’s frozen pizza for dinner and all you better say is “Looks delicious, hon!”

I was doubly excited about “Tully” when I saw that Theron was going to be the lead, because she absolutely killed it as the narcissistic, immature Mavis in “Young Adult.” The Oscar-winning actress might be best known for her dramatic performances (such as her roles in “Monster” and “North Country“) but as anyone who has ever seen her on “Arrested Development” knows, she is a subtle, pitch-perfect comedian.

Also exciting is the news that Academy Award-nominated Jason Reitman is directing. He and Cody worked beautifully together on “Juno,” “Jennifer’s Body” and “Young Adult.”

Mackenzie Davis plays the title role of Tully, the night nanny who comes to give the exhausted Marlo a break. Although hesitant to accept such an extravagance at first, the tired mom gives in and Tully joins the family. As expected, lots of laughs ensue, along with touching moments and heart-rending realism that will have moms everywhere sighing in relief and saying, “I thought it was just me who felt that way!”

Tully” comes out on April 20 , and I already know which BFF-and-fellow mom I am going to be taking with me. I can’t wait!

Check out the trailer here and let us know what you think are the most relatable parts:

[H/t: Vulture]

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