Turn your old wine bottles into whimsical garden edging


If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden this spring, this could be just the project for you. Wine bottles make a great garden edging that will help you add a bit of landscaping to your yard without a big crew or a lot of money. Not only does this give you a great excuse to drink wine, but it also gives you plenty of reason to get outside and enjoy the weather. So, all in all, this really is the perfect springtime weekend project.

This video from Douglas Welch’s YouTube channel demonstrates just how simple it is to upcycle wine bottles into a decorative edging along flowerbeds and more. All you’ll need to complete this project is a lot of leftover wine bottles, a shovel and water to help set the soil once your wine bottle design is in place.

See how simply this DIY comes together:

Once you’ve got enough wine bottles, this project really can be completed in a matter of hours. The video suggests asking your friends to help you drink bottles of wine, or using sparkling water bottles or other glass bottles to help you collect enough containers to complete the design in your yard.

If you’re hoping to complete the look and find more ways to use wine bottles around your yard, you can also give any of these simple projects a try.

Using wine bottles to create bird feeders will be a great way to add the delightful sounds of chirping birds to your outdoor area so you can fully enjoy all that spring has to offer. This tutorial from The Garden-Roof Coop walks you through the steps of using a drill to create the holes for the birds to access the birdseed and epoxy to attach a saucer to the wine bottle to create an adorable little resting place for birds right in your own backyard:

The Garden-Roof Coop

Add even more pleasant sounds to your space by hanging wine bottle wind chimes from your porch, trees or wherever makes sense in your yard. This tutorial from Homedit details how you can use items you may already have lying around, such as a jewelry chain and key rings, to create a gorgeous wind chime:

You may want to bring more creatures such as birds and squirrels into your yard this spring, but you’ll definitely want to keep the bugs out. A great way to do that is to take your leftover wine bottles and use them to make citronella candles, and this tutorial from Hello Glow will show you how using little more than a wine bottle, torch wicks and tiki fuel.

Bring out the wine because you’ve got some DIY-ing to do!


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