This TV Of The Future Is As Thin As A Sheet Of Wallpaper

Remember how slick flat-panel televisions seemed when they started replacing old tube TVs a decade or so ago? Well, those flatscreens will look like clunky, old dinosaurs compared to LG’s wallpaper OLED TV, which could be on the market as soon as next year, according to Tech Times.

The wallpaper TV is less than a millimeter thick, which is about the thickness of a standard credit card. The entire TV only weighs about 4 pounds and can be rolled up like a newspaper.

The OLED TV sticks to the wall with magnets. A mat is set up on the wall, and the TV is then stuck to the mat. If you want the TV on the mat when you’re not watching, you can just peel off the screen.

There’s no official news about when this cool new TV will be available for purchase, but there have been some speculations among tech industry insiders.

Recently, the WiFi Alliance, a website that certifies certain technologies as Wi-Fi compatible, released certifications for LG’s new 2017 OLED TVs. Since the information only has model numbers and certification dates, we can only speculate as to which TVs the WiFi Alliance certified.

Leaked documents (to be taken with a grain of salt) have experts thinking the ultra-thin TVs could be unveiled in 2017.  But, there’s been no official confirmation from LG.

“We are not going to comment on 2017 product plans right now, and we won’t comment on a speculative article based on Wi-Fi certifications,” LG’s Director of New Product Development Tim Alessi told CNet. He also said there were “a number of things” reported inaccurately in the FlatpanelsHD report about the leaked information. But, Alessi didn’t say exactly which things were wrong.

At this point, we know that this TV sounds amazing and we can’t wait for more details to be released. In the meantime, watch this mesmerizing video where the TV is rolled up like a newspaper—and start saving up to buy one when they do hit stores!