These Twins Celebrated Their 100th Birthday With An Epic Photo Shoot

Living through an entire century is certainly cause for celebration. Brazilian twin sisters Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi celebrated their 100th birthday on May 20, 2017, and they marked the momentous occasion with an epic photo shoot.

Photographer Camila Lima read about the twins in a local newspaper, and immediately had an idea for the best birthday present. “I almost choked on my food because I thought they were so cute,” Lima told BuzzFeed News.

Lima had been working on a project of photographing elderly subjects for over a year, so she couldn’t miss an opportunity to capture these twins—who had made it all the way to their 100th birthday together—on camera. Lima reached out and offered a free photo session, and luckily for us (and the entire internet), the sisters agreed.

Donning flower crowns, matching T-shirts that read, “100,” and whimsical tutus, the sisters posed for some absolutely beautiful photos. Lima also helped them with their hair and makeup to ensure that their look was as glam as possible.

The photoshoot even involved a costume change and props, with the sisters posing in front of a vintage, pink Volkswagen Beetle while wearing complementary floral dresses:

Lima says the birthday girls were super-easy to work with. “The shoot was super chill, they were excited and happy,” she told BuzzFeed News. And it certainly looks like they had fun as well!

As you might imagine, the twins have been through a lot together in their long lives. Pandolfi has six kids, 19 grandkids and 16 great-grandkids, and has survived two heart attacks and intestinal cancer. Pontin has has five kids, 12 grandkids, seven great-grandkids and one great-great-grandkid.

We’re so glad these ladies got to celebrate their milestone birthday in style, and that they and their families have these awesome memories to look back on!