Twix cookies taste just like the candy bar

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Twix candy bars are the perfect combination of caramel, milk chocolate and a buttery, crunchy cookie center. And now you can actually make a cookie that tastes exactly like the bar.

That’s right. Next time you get a craving for Twix, you won’t have to rush out to the gas station in the middle of the night. Instead, just reach for those homemade cookies you made. They’ll satisfy your craving for that caramel, chocolate cookie crunch.

The blogger behind This Grandma is Fun will walk you through her recipe for Twix cookies. The cookies might appear complicated to make since they’re so Instagram-worthy, but they actually require only eight ingredients. And the best part? You probably already have most of the necessary items in your pantry.

To get started, you must first make traditional butter cookies. Then, after allowing the cookies to cool, top them with melted caramel. Once that cools and sets, top it all off with melted chocolate. Pretty simple, right? The hardest part may be keeping your hands off the cookies while you wait for them to cool. They’ll smell so good, you’ll be tempted to gobble them all up!

Here’s what they should end up looking like:

This Grandma is Fun

At Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons, Jill takes a slightly different approach while making her Twix-inspired cookies. She mixes her caramel with evaporated milk to add sweetness and creaminess. She also includes a bit more salt in her butter cookie base.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Whichever option you choose, this is a fun, simple cookie to prepare that looks like it came straight from an upscale bakery.

And if you want to give the cookies a splash of color, why not use white chocolate and tint it pink or red? Alternatively, you could also melt down pink wafers, like the ones below, and use that for the chocolate coating. Just take note that this will give the cookie more of a vanilla flavor rather than traditional chocolate Twix taste.

While the chocolate layer sets, you can also sprinkle on red sugar or even crumbled up pink-and-white cookies (frosted animal cookies will work well).


The result will be a delicious cookie that you and your family will love!

Will you try whipping up this Twix cookie recipe at home?