Two Grandmas Team Up To Become The Ultimate Flower Girls

Sure, conventional flower girls are cute: chubby cheeks, tiny dresses with rows of frills, who could ask for more? Well, one Connecticut couple, it would seem—since the bride and groom bucked tradition and asked their respective grandmothers to be the flower girls instead.

Josh and Maggie Wakefield, who married this July, wanted to make sure both of their grandmothers, Joyce and Drue (with whom they’re very close), could take part in the ceremony. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Maggie said that her grandparents were a huge part of her life and that her grandmother “was like a second mother” to her.

Ashley Elizabeth Photography/Facebook

Since Maggie’s father died in 2013 of colon cancer, it was especially important to her to have both of his parents in her wedding—her grandfather (Joyce’s husband) even walked her down the aisle. Maggie honored her father by hanging a small photo of him from her wedding bouquet.

Well, it’s fair to say that Joyce and Drue stole the show—the “flower ladies” charmed the crowd as they strolled down the aisle, arm in arm. And neither one of them had a temper tantrum and sat down in the middle of the wedding, as traditional flower girls are wont to do. Happy life, Maggie and Josh!