Two widowed geese find love again after concerned human posts personal ad

Two geese swim on pond

In this utterly adorable news that’ll make you believe in love again, two widowed geese have found their way into each other’s hearts. The geese, Frankie and Blossom, are now joined in love after their respective human matchmakers set them up on a fateful blind date.

The love story began when Blossom’s human companion put out a personal ad for the goose. Blossom was suffering from a sort of depression after her life partner Bud died unexpectedly this past August. Because geese bond for life, Bud’s passing hit Blossom especially hard.

“Her behavior was just — it was quite a change,” her human, Dorie Tammen, told “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Tammen is the general manager for Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa, where Blossom lives on the grounds and enjoys the pond. Tammen was alarmed to see Blossom exhibiting all the classic signs of grief, isolating herself and staring at her reflection in nearby tombstones.

But she had an idea. Tammen wrote a personal ad on the cemetery’s Facebook page:

“Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans. Come share life with me at Riverside Cemetery, where you’ll enjoy swimming in the lovely lake, good food, numerous friends, and peeking in the door of the office building. … I’m youthful, adventurous and lively, and I’ve been told I’m beautiful.”

Thankfully, her prose caught the attention of a blue-eyed goose named Frankie who was only 51 miles away — or more specifically, Frankie’s humans, Deb and Randy Hoyt. Frankie had been through a similar trauma, as his previous life partner also died unexpectedly.

The Hoyts brought Frankie to Riverside Cemetery to meet Blossom. While the pair’s first encounter was a tad standoffish, by their second date, they were both scurrying around the property together, eventually making their way to the pond for a swim.

After spending months together, the pair is now inseparable.

Deb Hoyt told the Washington Post that the love story was a little bit bittersweet for them, because they miss Frankie.

“I’m sure he’s much happier with a whole flock of friends,” Hoyt said. “It was hard for us, but we know that it’s better for him.”

He does have a whole flock now. Riverside Cemetery has been posting updates on the geese, and a recent photo shows Frankie and Blossom on the pond with the cemetery’s swans and ducks.

Because geese pair for life, it’s fully expected that the two geese will be in it for the long haul.


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