You can now take an UberBOAT in Croatia

Tired of traveling in cars when you’re in a tropical vacation spot? Uber is taking transportation to a whole new (sea) level with the launch of UberBOAT in Croatia.

“UberBOAT will offer locals and tourists a new way of exploring and traveling around the Croatian coast by providing a unique yet reliable and straightforward adventure to the islands around Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik,” the company’s general manager in Croatia and Southeast Europe told Total Croatia News.

It’s the latest locale the company has chosen in its quest to up the ante for rides home. UberBOAT started in 2015 in Istanbul, and other limited-time sailings have taken off in Miami, BostonCairo and Sydney.

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How It Works

Hailing a boat is a little different than hailing a car on the app, and it’ll depend on what city you’re in. For example, the new Croatian UberBOATs are ultimately less about a quick ride home and more about renting a boat for spending the day island-hopping—so a much more luxurious use of Uber than most of us are likely used to. According to Total Croatia News, renting an UberBOAT will set you back more than 350 euros, or more than $390 U.S. dollars.

Other cities have offered much more affordable—and shorter—boating options, from flat booking fees to distance and time charges similar to on-land use of the app. For example, Miami UberBOAT riders paid $35 per booking, but could bring up to five guests. And in Boston, it was $10 for a one-way ride with a $1 booking fee and automatic 20 percent gratuity.


Boats aren’t the only unique forms of transportation that Uber is bringing to customers around the world. Attendees of a huge entertainment conference in Cannes, France, were able to take off in an UberCOPTER in 2015.

If you’re into winter sports, UberSKI cars will make sure you and your equipment get to the mountain intact in Chile. UberMOTO moped service is available in Vietnam and India, where hopping on the back of a motorized bike will often get you to your destination faster than sitting in a car in traffic.

The company also started what we hope is a new trend: an UberJET contest in Australia. Users just had to open the app and request an UberJET to see if they were one of the six winners who could actually book it—all for free.

What if you prefer not to deal with a driver at all, no matter the form of transportation? Ride-sharing competitor Lyft is keeping its innovation on the road, with a driverless car pilot program that they say will start “in the coming months” in Boston.

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