UGG Classic Boots Just Got A Really Helpful Makeover

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UGG boots are much-maligned in today’s world of fashion. They’re clunky and they make you look distinctly duck-footed no matter how much natural turnout you’ve actually got.  They’re also so soft it’s possible they’re made from baby angels, and there is absolutely nothing better to put on your feet during a blisteringly cold winter.

Those who would condemn UGGs are probably the same people who’ve never had a real need to wear them—because they’re awesome. And now, the brand is giving its beloved classic boot a slight upgrade. What can we expect from the changes?

Well first of all, they’re taking “Australia” off the logo on the heel, a minor change to be sure. Ultimately, this change just makes the “UGG” marking even more apparent—though it’s hard to confuse these boots with Louboutins, and faux versions are easily spotted.

Next, they’re adding more tread to the bottom. All of the boots will now feature a “Treadlite by UGG” outer sole which the company says will make for increased traction, durability and flexibility.


Finally, and most importantly, the boots will be more water-resistant than ever. Any UGG owner knows that a wet boot can take hours to dry, and also that the sheepskin exterior is prone to water stains. Though you should probably still use waterproofing spray, you can now feel less guilty about wearing them in a freak winter rainstorm or when piles of snow and slush fall on them as you scrape your car.


Unfortunately with all these upgrades comes an upgrade in price as well. All of the boots will be $10 more, thanks to the changes, but luckily the price uptick isn’t prohibitive. The boots range from $140-$220 and are currently available in various colors on the website and in stores.

If you’re looking for even more water-wicking power than what the classic boots offer, UGGs does make a line of waterproof boots (vs. just water resistant).


And if the clunkiness of classic UGGs has always turned you off, the company launched a line of Classic Slims last fall that offer a slimmed-down version of the classic UGG experience.


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