Ugly Christmas Sneakers Will Go Perfectly With Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

It may be the most beautiful time of the year, but when it comes to how we dress for the holidays — it can get pretty ugly. From sweaters to suits and even obnoxious hair, it’s hard to think things could get any “uglier,” but thanks to a shoe company that is ingeniously cashing in on the trend, you can now take all the ugly right to your feet.

These brand new ugly Christmas sweater sneakers were created by the brand Brooks and, while they do feature a classic ugly sweater pattern, they are actually pretty adorable. They’re mostly green, but also feature red reindeer and white trees along with red and white striped laces tied up with a sleigh bell! And the material looks just like a genuine knit sweater.

Brooks Running

They’re not just meant for looks, though. Rather, they’re also running shoes! According to Zappos, they provide high energizing cushioning and are meant for running on pavement — assuming it’s not covered with snow and ice. Oh, and don’t worry, the jingle bell is removable if the sound of Santa running along beside you gets to be a bit much.

The shoes are available at both Brooks and Zappos for $150, including shipping. If you order from Brooks, however, you’ll also get to choose a free gift, including a limited-edition holiday tee, socks or a beanie.

Unfortunately, most sizes seem to be sold out at Brooks, but you can still find them at Zappos.


If you need some inspiration for the rest of your outfit now that you have some pretty sweet shoes, these ugly sweater nails would match perfectly and ensure you’d win all the ugly sweater contests. You could also take it a step further and go for this candy cane eyeliner.

Will you be ordering a pair of these ugly Christmas sweater sneakers?