This Heartbreaking Video Reminds Us Who’s Listening When We Criticize Ourselves

If you wouldn’t criticize the younger version of yourself, then why in the world are you criticizing the woman you are today? That’s the message behind a powerful video by YouTuber Rachel Levin.

The video opens with Levin doing her makeup and criticizing every perceived flaw, from the dark circles under her eyes to her “big” nose.

We’re all guilty of being overly self-critical, often obsessing over flaws in ourselves that others often don’t even see. Levin’s video, simply called “I Am Ugly,” aims to put the harsh words we have for ourselves into a new light. In the video, Levin has no problem tearing herself down as an adult, but struggles to point out the same flaws when her younger self appears.

“You said my dark circles were too dark, my nose was too big, my lips were too small, and my eyebrows were too bushy,” the young girl says to her older self. “What else is wrong with me, Rachel?”

The “grownup” Levin refuses to answer even when the little girl begs for insults about stretch marks and hairy arms. Instead, Levin tells the little girl she’s beautiful. In another powerful twist, the young girl flips the script, and asks her grown-up self: “Then why can’t you say that to yourself?”

Take a look at the powerful video:

If you were the person looking at your own mini-me, you likely would hesitate to point out flaws, too. Isn’t this a good reminder to go easy on ourselves? The world is tough enough as it is, and we could all benefit from showing more kindness—especially to ourselves.