Your Ultimate Apple Guide: Which Are Best For Eating Vs. Baking

It’s that time of year again! Autumn is upon us, and along with crisp weather and fall foliage comes everyone’s favorite fruit: apples. Whether it’s bobbing for them, baking them in a pie, making apple sauce, apple juice or eating them as-is, apples are delicious and we do not discriminate.

However, some apples are better baked, and others are better eaten raw. So how do you know how to make the most out of your apple experience? Well here’s the lowdown.


So why are some apples better for eating and other better for baking?

Best To Use For Baking

1. Gala

Gals’s are great for baking, particularly for baking apple pie because they hold up well when cooked.

2. Golden Delicious

Known as the yellow apple with a sweet flavor and thin skin, these are best used in in pie, applesauce or for stewing.

3. Jonagold

Crisp yet tart. A go-to for baking because these apples won’t overload your pie with sweetness.

Best When Eaten Raw

1. Red Delicious

Not the most exciting apple, but the Red Delicious is the most classic looking apple. It’s sweet without being overbearing, making it a great snack.

2. Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a hybrid apple. Part Golden Delicious mixed with Lady Williams. Not too tart but not too sweet either. Making it a great option for raw eating because of its extra-crunchy texture.

3. Fuji

Fuji apples are sweeter and crispier than other apples! No need to bake these!

Best To Eat Raw & Use For Baking

And of course some apples are so delicious they can be equally as good baked or eaten raw!

1. Cortland

Copland apple are not the most popular apple on the tree. However, they should not be over looked. They are a bit sour, yet juicy. Making them a great option for both baking, stewing and eating them raw, depending on your tastebuds!

2. Granny Smith

The tartness of a Granny Smith makes them an excellent baking candidate. Fun fact: they hold their shape when cooked because of their slightly dry texture and tough skin. You can also enjoy these apples raw.

3. Honeycrisp

Everyone’s favorite apple (maybe I’m biased)! The perfect mix of crispy and sweet, enjoy them baked or raw.

4. Jonathan

A Jonathan’s tartness makes them great for baking, and their crispiness makes them great for eating. A win, win.

5. Mclntosh

This is the go-to apple for pie-baking. They are sweet and juicy, and can be had raw, stewed as applesauce or baked.

So there you have it. Now you are an apple expert!


[h/t: The Kitchn & ALL YOU]