These Are The 5 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Limes

We all love a good slice of lime on the rim of our margarita glass. But, did you know that not only are they delicious on their own or when mixed with tequila, they are also surprisingly good for your health.

That’s right squeezing a little lime juice on your taco is not only tasty, it’s also helping you add vitamins and heart-healthy elements into your diet. So, you know what to do— make sure you order that margarita to go with your enchilada. It’s good for you, after all.

1. Packed With Antioxidants For The Heart

According to HealthLine, the antioxidants found in limes are good for your arteries.

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2. Loaded With Vitamins

The same article mentions the vitamins found in limes. Potassium keeps your blood pressure under control, and limes are loaded with it. So, drink that lime juice right up, especially if you struggle with maintaining your blood pressure.


3. Help You Detox

Limes promote enzyme activity in the liver, according to LiveStrong. This means that the liver is able to detoxify certain cancer-causing chemicals. “In effect, it deactivates these harmful chemicals, turning them into harmless chemicals that are then removed from the body in your urine,” the publication states.


4. Contains Antibiotic Properties

The antibiotic properties in limes have been proven to help protect against cholera.

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5. Relieve Your Cold Symptoms

Limes and lemons fight infections and will stop a cold dead in its tracks. An article in Juicing For Heath suggests adding lime juice to hot water and top of with honey for sweetness to feel better before a cold sets in.


So, now that you know a few of the health benefits of limes, get to squeezing!

[h/t: Healthline]