11 Unexpected Household Uses For Q-Tips

Q-Tips aren’t just for healthy hygiene routines. In fact, there are several ways to uses these cotton swabs around your home. So, don’t think about buying needless tools and cleaners just yet.

A simple Q-Tip may be all you need to clean some of your home’s most complicated messes. Here are seven unexpected ways to use cotton swabs around your home.

1. Fix Wall Smudges

Add a bit of paint to the end of a cotton swab, and dab across across any scuff marks. It will instantly cover the mark without having to using any brushes or palettes.

2. Clean Your Keyboard

Overtime, crumbs, dirt, and debris can gather in the cracks of your computer’s keyboard. Wipe away any germs or dust using a cotton swab in those hard-to-reach crevices.

3. Loosen Stuck Zippers

If your slip cover simply won’t zip, rub a Q-tip dipped in petroleum jelly along the zipper. It will help the teeth of zipper to loosen instantly.

4. Erase Scuffs In Leather

Notice a few lingering scuff marks on your leather furniture? Buff them away using a cotton swab and petroleum jelly. This life hack also works perfectly on leather shoes and handbags.

5. Candle Wick Extension

If you have a candle that has burned closely to the bottom, don’t bother reaching your hand in there to light the wick. Instead, use a cotton swab and a lighter to light the candle.

6. Tame Static

Whether it’s hair flyways or static-filled fabric, tame the electricity with hairspray and cotton swabs. Simply spray the swab with hairspray and apply to the static.

7. Crafting

Placing sequins, beads, and baubles can be so frustrating. Make your crafting process easier by using Q-tips to place these tiny pieces.

8. Use As A Paint Brush For Little Hands

Sometimes kids have problems holding a larger brush. Give them a smaller tool to make expressing their creativity that much easier.

9. Removing Lint From A Hair Dryer

Remember all of that lint that gathers at the end of your hair dryer? Yeah, it’s pretty gross. Clean it out using cotton swabs.

10. Clean Jewelry

Jewelry can be incredibly hard to clean. Make the whole process much more simple by using cotton swabs in all of those tiny, hard-to-clean areas.

11. Detail Your Car

Spray with a little all purpose cleaner and get between the AC vents with a handful of Q-Tips.

Photo by JefferyTurner