This Unexpected Words With Friends Duo Finally Met Each Other In Real Life

Are you ready for the most heartwarming story of the season? Because one Words with Friends player, Spencer Sleyon, has a good one.

Last week, Sleyon tweeted about a friendship that originated over a year ago, when he and Rosalind “Roz” Guttman began playing Words with Friends with each other. A Scrabble-like gaming app, players can be matched up with either pre-existing friends or strangers, and Guttman and Sleyon—then strangers—were paired up. After that, they went on to play over 300 more games together.

Sleyon is a 22-year-old rapper who lives in New York, while Guttman is an 81-year-old retiree who lives in Florida. Yet the two became unlikely friends as they continued to play Words with Friends matches against one another. And finally, last week, the unlikely duo got to meet in person in Florida after a pastor coordinated their meeting. The pictures of the meeting, shared by Sleyon on Friday, are just as touching as you’d expect them to be:

“Last summer I randomly met this [80-year-old] woman on Words with Friends,” Sleyon tweeted soon after the meeting. “We played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine. Today I got to go to Florida and meet her in person.”

The two were brought together by Rev. Amy Butler, a New York City pastor and the mother of a friend of Sleyon’s. When Sleyon was visiting his friend a while back, Butler overheard them talking about Guttman. “One night, a few months ago, they started a conversation about who their best friends were, and Spencer said, ‘My best friend is an 80-year-old white woman who lives in a retirement community in Florida,’ and I said, ‘What?,’” Butler told The Root.

Butler then decided to bring the two together, coordinating the meeting and flying down to Florida with Sleyon. She shared a few pictures of the reunion on Twitter as well:

Here’s to Sleyon, Guttman and great friendships—and all of the unlikely places from which they spring.