Unicorn bookshelf would be an adorable addition to any kid’s bedroom


For proof that anything you want can be found somewhere on the internet, look no further than this majestic unicorn-shaped bookshelf.

Available from Etsy seller ImagineYourSHELF, the quirky kids’ furniture item is handmade from Baltic birch wood and finished with different colors of child-safe paint. Measuring 57 inches high, 61 inches wide and 11.75 inches deep, it’s available in two variations: with storage in the mane area or with a “closed mane.” A “primed only” option is also available for those who want to add their own creative flair to the whimsical creature.

“Imagine YourSHELF making memories with your (grand)child, selecting their favorite book from this beauty for the nightly bedtime story!” says the product description. “It is sure to become the focal point of the room.”


The construction seems to be pretty solid — and with a price range of $1,850 to $2,535, you’d expect nothing less. Yes, it’s pricey, but it has that “wow” factor and it looks like it will last forever. According to the product information page, each joint is glued and reinforced with mechanical fasteners for long-lasting durability.

Although the unicorn is sturdy, it’s still not recommended that your child climbs onto its back for a “ride.” The package comes with a pair of anti-tipping hardware complete with instructions, just in case your child does decide to go on a climbing adventure.


If your unicorn bookshelf budget doesn’t stretch to allow for this beauty, there are more wallet-friendly options out there.

This white Wayfair version of a unicorn bookshelf ($128.99) may be smaller than the big one from Etsy, but that’s a bonus if space is limited, and there are still multiple shelf options for storing all those books and treasures. It’s currently out of stock on Wayfair’s site, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s available again.


Another option from Wayfair ($96.99) isn’t shaped like a unicorn, but it will be the top choice for fans of Jojo Siwa, who designed a range of children’s bedroom furniture for the retail giant.


The bookshelf, made out of solid wood, comes in bright colors with unicorn and bow motifs (plus Jojo’s logo, of course), has three spacious shelves and comes with a wall mount for safety.

More Unicorns!

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