This Brewery’s ‘Unicorn Farts’ Beer Is Made With Fruity Pebbles

One day, historians will look back at 2019-2020 and wonder: What was going on with all those unicorns?

Pop culture’s favorite mythical creatures (mermaids are probably a close second) pranced into the snack aisles this year. We saw pink-and-blue “unicorn magic” pudding cups from SnackPack. Then, Walmart bestowed upon us unicorn sparkles ice cream with confetti sprinkles.

Now, unicorns have spread their wings, soaring majestically into the craft-beer scene. DuClaw Brewing Company, which is based in Maryland, has gifted the universe with a limited-release “Unicorn Farts” beer. It’s sour ale, though wait, they invented a new style … it’s a “glittered sour ale” that’s been brewed with fruity cereal mashed in. You bet it has edible glitter in it.

The beer was released last spring but sold out. The good news: It’s coming back for round two and will be released again in June 2020.

DuClaw Brewing Company

Pulling out all the marketing stops, the brewery did a glamorous photoshoot for the beer in a tub full of Fruity Pebbles and captioned it on Instagram: “100% that glitter beer.” (If you didn’t pick up on it, that’s a nod to “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo’s epic photoshoot in a bathtub filled with Skittles.)

The tasting notes for the Unicorn Farts beer explain it as being a slightly tart sour, with a bouquet of fruits and a hint of biscuit. Sound like dessert in a can? It sorta is: To make this magical beer, DuClaw teamed with a Baltimore donut company, Diablo Doughnuts, which is known for coming up with all types of wacky flavors. (Pizza doughnuts, anyone?)

Curious where you can find the unicorn beer? Plug your zip code into DuClaw’s beer finder to see if you can track it down once it’s released.

This isn’t the first time that DuClaw has created a fun beer. The brewery has a beer called “Regular Beer” that simply says it “tastes like beer” and a limited-release Citra Snuggy that’s a spoof on As Seen on TV products.

Good luck tracking down this mythical beer!