Unicorn Liner Is The Latest Magical Makeup Trend


With so many beauty-focused YouTubers and bloggers out there, there’s no surprise that we’ve gotten a ton of new and crazy beauty trends in 2016. Not all are worth trying our hand at, but others are so cute and clever, we have to consider giving them a whirl.

The latest makeup trend of the moment isn’t particularly practical, but it sure is adorable in the right context (like a New Year’s Eve party). Unicorn liner is currently taking the internet by storm, and people are loving the rainbow look achieved using different colors of eyeshadow and the look of winged eyeliner. This whimsical look has been popping up on Instagram, and each take is as charming as the rest. This version of “Fantasy Liner” involves pastel metallics, glitter, and a whole lot of creativity.

You can check out some of the best looks on Instagram below—prepare to be inspired!




2016 is no stranger to all things unicorn: Earlier this year, we saw unicorn highlighters, unicorn makeup brushes, and even “Unicorn Tears Lipstick.” In terms of fashion and beauty, mythical creatures are clearly having a moment this year, and the beauty world doesn’t seem to be stopping with this magical trend just quite yet.

If you like the idea of getting whimsical with your eye makeup but unicorns aren’t your thing, make sure you check out this candy cane eyeliner trend that’s just in time for the holidays.


Here’s a super-subtle version of the unicorn makeup trend, if you are all about the colorful eyeliner but don’t want it to be quite so bold:


Leave it to the French (the look above is from BirchBox’s French account) to add that je ne sais quoi in order to make a trend look classy and not clown-like.

What do you think: Will you be testing this makeup trend this year?

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