Unicorn rainbow cookie bars are almost too gorgeous to eat

Kids Recipe Box

If you’re looking for something extra fun (and delicious!) to do with the kids — this is the project for you. Baking up a batch of these unicorn rainbow cookie bars will be something the entire family will enjoy.

This recipe from Kids Recipe Box shows you how to transform regular old sugar cookie dough into something extra colorful, delightful and, dare we say, magical. Once the cookie bars are baked and all warm from the oven, you’ll have to try your hardest not to make them all disappear in one sitting. They get their elusive nature from unicorns, after all!

All you’ll need to bring these tasty treats to life is a square baking pan, food coloring and the ingredients for the dough, which include sugar, vanilla, butter and flour. Oh, and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Once the dough is made, you’ll divide it into sections, each of which will be dyed a different color. The blogger behind Kids Recipe Box recommends using Americolor Soft Gel Paste in colors such as sky blue, leaf green and lemon yellow to make the pretty, multicolor dough. It’s recommended that you wear gloves during the dyeing process so as not to stain your skin.

From there, roll your dough into snake-like logs and place them in the square baking dish, alternating the colors and having some fun with the designs. Press each one until the top is flat and top it with the sprinkles for even more color!

Once they’re baked and sliced, your family will love what you created together:

Kids Recipe Box

If you want to really go all out, you can take these bars to the next level by incorporating sprinkles into the batter itself and topping the whole thing with a colorful frosting. Follow along with the recipe from Cookies & Cups to wind up with an amazing dessert that looks like this:

Cookies & Cups

You could even combine elements of both of these recipes to create the most epic, worthy of its unicorn name-type dessert ever by dyeing the dough in the Cookies & Cups recipe or incorporating sprinkles into the dough of the Kids Recipe Box version and topping it with frosting. Sounds like the best thing ever, honestly.

The kids — and the kid in all of us — are going to love baking these desserts, so get in the kitchen and let your creativity run wild. And of course, your taste buds will thank you when you do!

The fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can have a unicorn-inspired breakfast with this recipe for unicorn banana bread, too. Enjoy!

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