You Can Now Buy ‘Unicorn Tears’ Wine

From the makers of the highly Instagrammable and, dare we say, effortlessly drinkable blue — yes, blue — sparkling Prosecco, comes the next big thing in the world of rosé: Unicorn Tears.

The innovative Spanish winery Gik has created what it’s touting as the pinkest rosé, a color “so magical that it’s hard to believe it’s natural.” Gik is also responsible for unique beverages such as Hot Spicy Wine, which is “made with Grenache red grapes in the depths of hell,” and an English Wine with Tea made with Earl Grey.

Check out Gik’s Unicorn Tears wine below.


According to the winery’s website, Unicorn Tears rosé is made with “real unicorn tears” in an “undisclosed location.” Moreover, the company assures that the “tear-extraction process is completely natural,” which is a good thing because I don’t think anyone would stand for inhumane treatment of unicorns!

This super pink, very festive beverage was created by two oenologists who claim that the tears have “the power to transform unexciting days into wonderful days.” Count me in!

And, honestly, who doesn’t love all things unicorn? From unicorn cake, macarons and even pizza to unicorn makeup and adult light-up slippers, the unicorn theme is a trend that doesn’t show any sign of stopping. So it makes sense that it was combined with the ongoing rosé all day obsession.

As reported by Vogue Spain, the vibrant beverage also has a glittery component created from “mineral pigments.” Pink, sparkling, bubbly and fruity? Yes to all of the above!

In addition to the color provided by grape skins, its bright pink hue is further heightened by the organic pigment of raspberries, according to a press release shared with Bustle.

The only downside? According to its website, Unicorn Tears isn’t yet available for purchase in the U.S. But don’t get too disappointed just yet — the wine will reportedly be on sale stateside soon.