9 Unique DIY Uses For Cinnamon Around The House

We’ve talked about cinnamon before, how it’s a small evergreen tree from Sri Lanka and its inner bark is used to make the cinnamon we all know and love.

Plus, it has many medicinal purposes, from lowering inflammation to reducing blood pressure. Not to mention, it makes for a wonderful air freshener in your home, either by boiling some cinnamon sticks on the stove or leaving some out in a Mason jar on your kitchen table and other rooms of your home.

Below, you will find even more uses for cinnamon sticks, powder, and essential oil. So, before you go to the store, hit up your spice rack.

1. Ease Stomach Bugs

The next time you have a stomach bug, look no further than your spice rack. Yep, cinnamon. You can make tea with cinnamon sticks and honey or with cinnamon powder, mix cinnamon with ginger, or add salt and sugar to your cinnamon tea for a homemade anti-flu remedy. You can also buy Cinnamon Bark Oil-infused tea and keep it on hand for the sick winter months.

2. Help Digestion & Heartburn

To help your digestive tract after a meal, try a warm cup of tea or milk with a teaspoon of cinnamon. You can also sprinkle it onto your food, like oatmeal or toast, add it to your coffee (yum), or enhance your fruit with it, like sliced apples.

3. Make A Cold Remedy

When you first feel you have a cold, instead of running out to get cough syrup, simply mix together a teaspoon of honey and a ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon.

The combo’s antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties will get rid of your cold faster than you can sneeze. In a day or two, you should be back to your old self. Just to be certain, take this twice a day for three days.

4. Treat Acne & Eczema

By putting a bit of cinnamon oil onto acne and eczema, get ready to say hello to clear skin. This is more cost-effective than a trip to the dermatologist, so it’s worth trying for sure. Cinnamon oil is also great for the scalp, so while you have it out, you may as well massage some onto your head and feel it work its magic.

5. Diffuse A Light Bulb

There’s no need to buy fancy aromatic diffusers when all you need is an ordinary light bulb and some cinnamon oil. Who knew, right? When the lights are off, just add a drop or two onto your light bulb. When you turn the lights on, you’ll also turn on the scent of cinnamon. Warning: It may put you in the mood for cinnamon rolls, so you may want to have those ingredients on hand, too.

6. Make A Room Spray

When you mix together a few drops of cinnamon oil and water—or vodka!—you have your very own spray air freshener. Just spray it in any room that needs a fresh boost.

7. Create A Cinnamon Orange Air Freshener

These cinnamon-orange air fresheners are easy to make, and also make great gifts. You just need some cinnamon essential oil, orange essential oil, Mason jars, polymer absorbent crystals, tulle, and some twine and cinnamon sticks.

8. As A Homemade Insect Repellent

Yes, you can make your very own insect repellent… and with cinnamon. Well, cinnamon oil. You can either mix Cinnamon Leaf Oil with water to create a spray or just add a few drops of cinnamon oil to your sunscreen or lotion.

9. Deter Moths

Are moths eating away your clothes? Well, take some cinnamon sticks, break them up, and add another spice, like cloves or rosemary. Then, make little sachets and place them around your dresser drawers and in your closets accordingly. These smell a lot better than moth balls, I’ll say that much.


Photo by Vvillamon