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The Unique Way One Dad Taught His Son Not To Slam His Door

What do you think: Did this father go too far, or were his actions justified?

Ever slam the door on your parents when you were younger? Probably, to some extent. (I can tell you I never did this. Our carpet was too thick under the door, and it wouldn’t close very easily.)

Maybe you just closed it hard—or maybe you really slammed it shut. Teen years are typically filled with some parental battle of wills, and this one was no exception. The dad involved decided to get creative in his response to his son’s door-slamming behavior.

As you can see, the teen involved slammed it one too many times, and that last slam was the final straw.


His dad decided to go get a saw and… cut the door in half. (This is what’s known as a “Dutch Door.” The dad might’ve gone to this “How To Make A DIY Interior Dutch Door” article, no?) Slamming the door doesn’t have quite the same effect when you only have half of it.

Maybe the best part of all of this? It was this teen’s sister, of all people, who decided to share her brother’s picture and story on Reddit. Gotta love siblings!


h/t: Little Things