5 Uniquely Awesome Gifts You Can Make From Your Kid’s Artwork

It’s a fact: kids bring home insane amounts of art. It piles up around the house, it sits on the counter. It can even be hard to tell how much of the good stuff is all your kid’s work or just help from a teacher. It’s a struggle to manage and deciding what to throw away can be difficult. If you’ve got more than one kid, the art multiplies.

Occasionally, a truly special piece of kid artwork comes home. You can tell that a lot of love and work went into crafting it, the kid is beaming with pride. And so the art gets hung on the fridge, or taped to a cabinet.

Now you can turn your kids art into more than just a drawing. These make great gifts for the grandparents, aunts and uncles and they perfectly encapsulate truly heartfelt memories. Check out these 7 ways you can turn your kids artwork into a neat gift:

Stuffed Animals


Budsies is an awesome company that turns your kids drawings into actual stuffed animals. Some of the examples are incredible an it’s really magical to see a child’s creativity turned into a three dimensional toy. Really cool stuff.

Childs Own Studio has a similar offering with awesome results as well.

Coffee Table Books

Plum Print
Plum Print

Plum Print let’s you turn a stack of prized artwork into a collectable book that you’d be proud to boast on your coffee table. If you have a Mac, Apple offers the ability create high quality books from photos as well.

Holiday Greeting Cards


Create gorgeous, foil-pressed custom greeting cards adorned with kid art over at Minted. These look understated and elegant and are perfect for sending out during the holidays.

3D Printed Sandstone Figurines

Crayon Creatures
Crayon Creatures

This is one of my absolute favorites. Similar to the stuffed animal concept, the folks over at Crayon Creatures take a drawing and then use a 3D printing process to manufacture custom sandstone figurines that look amazing.

Custom Jewelry

Brevity Jewelry
Brevity Jewelry

Another concept from the same tree: turn your kid art into jewelry. This is a great gift idea for mom.