Who’s Ready For ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ To Come Back Into Our Lives?

“Unsolved Mysteries” is a television show that holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Or rather, in many people’s nightmares.

Whether it gave you a deadly fear of alien abductions, home invasions or even spontaneous combustion, one thing is for sure: “Unsolved Mysteries” made scaredy-cats of us all.


Well, it’s time for you scaredy-kitties to start meowing again… because all of the episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries” are soon going to be streaming on Amazon Prime. That’s right: This means you will have almost 600 episodes of murder, mayhem, aliens, arson, burglary, and who knows what else at your fingertips.

While you can currently watch some of the newer episodes on Prime, every “Unsolved Mysteries” fan knows that there is only one true host: Robert Stack, who hosted the show from 1987-2002. The man. The myth. The legend. Stack’s ominous baritone along with the show’s theme song gave us chills and thrills whenever we tuned in, and he had the perfect pathos for the job. He was respectful and somber, and he never sank to cheap tricks to keep us watching. He treated the victims’ stories with deference and respect, while maintaining a calm journalistic air. (Stack was no stranger to keeping his cool in dangerous situations. During World War II, Stack left his lucrative job as an actor in Hollywood to serve in the army. He was a gunnery officer for 3 years, and he earned several medals for his service).


And then there was Dennis Farina. The actor (best known for his role on “Law & Order”) was an apt substitute for Stack, although fans understandably lamented the loss of their usual host. But Farina brought similar gravitas to the role, and he served as host from 2008-2010 when the “Unsolved Mysteries” moved to Spike TV.


Thanks a lot, Amazon Prime. Here’s to looking under the bed and checking the front door locks a hundred times before bed.

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h/t: Hello Giggles