Up Your Lighting Game With This Amazing Lantern That Looks Just Like The Moon

Medusa lamps from Target? Boring recessed lighting? Pendants you got at Home Depot? Time to get rid of all that tired old stuff and bring some celestial bodies into your living room with these new Luna moon lanterns from Taiwanese design firm Acorn Studio.

Here are the specs according to the Luna IndieGogo campaign:

Every Luna comes with a cord, and a device to adjust luminosity. Luna M (and smaller) uses E27/28W/110V Halogen bulbs; Luna L (and bigger) uses E27/42W/110V Halogen bulbs.

Luna XXS is an exception: the unique mini lantern is equipped with an LED bulb and a battery instead of a Halogen bulb and a cord. The luminosity is not adjustable, and it’s not suitable for hanging.

As of this writing the project has exceeded it’s funding goal of $40,000 by a lot, hitting over $270,000. This is a great start, but now I want an entire solar system please.

Luna lanterns hanging
Acorn Studio

Luna kid
Acorn Studio

(h/t Laughing Squid)