A UPS worker hilariously hid a woman’s package under her welcome mat

In an age in which we have Amazon packages dropping on our doorsteps just about every day (it’s not just me, right?), it’s a boon when your local UPS worker is committed to making sure those deliveries reach their intended recipients unscathed.

Over the years, I’ve had packages left out in inclement weather, boxes disintegrating in the rain or snow. I’ve had boxes placed directly in front of my screen door, preventing me from even exiting the house. I’ve had boxes left in my by-god driveway. (Why?? Why did they not make it the extra few feet to my doorstep?)

But then there have been the UPS workers who have tucked my packages safely between the front door and the screen door. Who have rung my doorbell, especially when the weather is bad, so I know there’s a package out there. Who have, at the very least, made sure the packages were stacked underneath the overhang, off to the side, easily retrievable and out of the rain.

But then there is the UPS worker in Texas who went above and beyond.

Ebony Freeman, a woman in Texas who also enjoys online shopping, emerged from her home the other week to discover a package placed beneath her doormat. Why is this so awesome? Take a look:

“Oh my god look!” wrote Freeman. “The UPS guy actually hid it under the rug!”

The rug in question, which had been purchased on Etsy from CraftyIndyGal, reads, “Please Hide Packages From Husband.”

The package itself, meanwhile, is long and oblong and clearly not fooling anybody.

We love a UPS worker with a healthy sense of humor.

As for Freeman’s husband, she insists that he doesn’t actually mind her shopping habit.

“I have a package a day coming from Amazon but he thinks it’s funny,” she told “Good Morning America.”

As someone whose husband said, “Oh look, here’s something else you spent money on,” when retrieving a package from the front steps just yesterday, I am getting a kick out of this entire story.

Freeman already has another funny doormat on order in anticipation of the holiday season. This one reportedly sings, “Here Comes Amazon” to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus.” We love your style, lady.